The Business Plan

When I was working, I was passionate about my job.

I thought about it all the time. How I could be more effective, productive. Dreamed about it. Woke up early, excited to go to work.

I planned. I made lists. I was prepared. My socks matched.

And then I had a baby. And quit my job. And found myself swallowed up by Little Mommy Syndrome. The planning stopped. The lists were either non-extistent or contained so many items I could never possibly finish. My world felt willy-nilly. And my socks didn’t match most days.

One day, I tearfully told my neighbor, “I don’t have anything going on. I just don’t feel like I’m DOING anything. I don’t have a job. I don’t have a ministry. I just feel really lost.” She said calmly, with the know-how of an experienced mother who’s been through it all, “Look, your children are your ministry. And you are doing a lot. Remember, you’re doing dishes for God.”


Give me a servant’s heart, Lord.

My children are my ministry.

My marriage is my ministry.

My home is my ministry.

Why have I been treating my time at home with my babies more like a never-ending summer vacation, and not like a real JOB?

Time. To. Go. To. Work.

So here’s my Business Plan. A plan for conducting the business of the Big Work I’m setting out to do:

1) Get up early to meet with The Boss: worship, prayer, Bible study, plan the day before anyone else in the house gets up

2) Create routines that promote The Big Work: intentionally create opportunities throughout the day to teach to, model for and pray with my children

3) Check in with my Employer throughout the day: find “landmarks” in my day to remind me to pray

4) Manage my home with an eternal perspective: creating a motivation for and love of (yes, I said love) of keeping my home

Some of things I’ve been doing here and there. Some have just been swirling around in my head for a while. But as of today, I’m making it my mission to be intentional, not perfect, intentional. And passionate. And excited. And organized. About my role in creating a Christ-centered home. Join me?

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