Meeting with the Boss


Here’s what my morning routine has traditionally looked like:

1) Wake up to a tiny toddler voice describing my role in his bodily functions:

“Mommy!!! I need to go pee pee! Mommy!!! I need you to heeeeelp!!!” or “Mommy, my nose is wet!!! I need a tissue!”

2) Race up the stairs with one house shoe on to help said toddler on the potty or nose wiping.

3) Slump wearily onto the couch.

Hungry. Haven’t gone to the bathroom myself yet. Already exhausted before the begins.

4) Inside head scream, “Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!”

No checking in with the Big Boss.

No lovingly turning the pages of my Bible to discover how He expects me to conduct my business.

No finding refreshment in my Savior.

God, save me from this day.

No wonder nothing gets done. No wonder I’m stuffed to the brim with resentments. Feel lost. Can’t function. Snippy with the kids. No wonder I don’t know what the heck we’re doing for the next 12 hours. What did I expect?

And then I came across this wonderful blog: Inspired to Action. And read her e-book “Maximize Your Mornings” which you can get here. Total life-changer. Such a blessing. I love her practical tips.  Plus it’s easy to read and she’s funny.

Here’s what my morning routine looks after reading this e-book:

1) Get up a few hours before the kids and start the day in prayer while eating a HOT breakfast.

Yes, and HOT coffee. I had forgotten food could even be eaten hot. Did I mention it was hot?

2) Spend some time in the Word and pray over my day.

3) Write down my plan for the day.

4) Exercise.

I recently started getting up even a teensy bit earlier to…

5) Make breakfast for the kids and have it ready and on the table.

I’d really, really to add in…

6) Get a chore or two done before any one else gets up.

But it’s a process. Progress not perfection.

I can tell you when I wake up to spending some QT with my Maker, I feel ready to conquer the day. My heart is prepared for service. I’m energized. (That might be the coffee talking.) And I’m genuinely excited to hear my sweet babies’ voices on the monitor.

When I meet with Boss before I do anything else, Little Mommy Syndrome fades away…

I’m ready for work.


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