How I Clean When I’m Overwhelmed: Part 1

How I Clean When I'm Overwhelmed Part 1

I haven’t written much lately. Mostly because I’ve been completely overwhelmed. Swamped by life.

Sick kids.

Sick husband.

Sick me.

Birthday party.

Sick again.

You get the idea. And it’s in times like these that the house gets really, really, REALLY messy which makes everything seem even MORE overwhelming.

“Lord, help me find a place to start,” I pray.

Getting started is the hardest thing to do when you feel helplessly overwhelmed. But serving others is often the best way to get out of the funk and get started.

“How can I be of service to those around me?”

And when I mentally phrase scraping gunk off of plates as service to my kids and husband and anyone who might pop in unannounced, I usually have a heart change. Here’s a few methods I use to get started:

1. Hit the “Big 5”: Do a little bit of each: dishes, laundry, make the bed, vacuum, wipe down bathrooms

2. Room Blessing: Make a list of 5 things I could do to bless a specific room

3. Stress Lists: Identify the top things I could do to relieve some anxiety and do just those things

4. Cleaning Party: Turn on some music for the kids and have a cleaning party

5. Setting a Timer: I set the timer and work as hard as I can for a set amount of time

I’ll be writing more specifically about how these methods work in my life in this series. How do you clean when you get swamped by life?

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