O quiet time! Wee hours filled with scrambled eggs and sausage, too many cups of coffee, prayers, journaling, savoring the Word…oh, how I love my morning quiet time with God!!!

This morning I read Psalm 17: 6-9.


 In verse 7, it refers to God’s “steadfast love.” Now I know what “steadfast” means but sometimes it is powerful to look up a word. Get it’s full meaning. Here’s what I found:
This is the God that parts waters. The God who gives new names. The God who hung the rainbow in the sky. The God who saved me from my childhood. The God who protects me from my adversaries: fear, pride, resentment. They are no match for the Immovable.

Holy Father, keep me as the apple of your eye. Hide me in the shadow of your wings from fear, pride and resentment. Cover me with faith, humility and acceptance as I go out from the comfort of my quiet time to serve you in this world. Amen.


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